A Day in the Life of a Wightons Employee

As an HVAC contractor at Wighton’s, my day starts bright and early at 7 AM. After a quick breakfast, I head to our office in Pismo Beach to attend the morning huddle with my team. We discuss the day’s schedule, any challenges we might face, and review safety protocols.

First Stop: Heating Service in San Luis Obispo

My first call of the day is a heating service job in San Luis Obispo. An elderly couple has reported issues with their furnace not heating their home properly. Upon arrival, I greet the customers warmly, as they are considered part of the Wighton’s family.

  1. Inspect the furnace and identify the problem – a clogged air filter.
  2. Replace the air filter and perform a thorough cleaning of the unit.
  3. Test the furnace to ensure it’s working correctly.

The couple is relieved and grateful for the prompt service. I provide them with tips on regular maintenance to prevent future issues.

Lunch Break and Office Visit

After completing the morning job, I head back to the Wighton’s office for a quick lunch break. I catch up with my colleagues, sharing stories and discussing the company’s values of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Afternoon Job: AC Installation in Grover Beach

In the afternoon, I’m scheduled for an AC installation at a new construction site in Grover Beach. This job requires careful planning and collaboration with the construction crew.

  • Assess the site and plan the AC unit placement.
  • Work with the crew to ensure proper ductwork installation.
  • Install the new AC unit, following all safety protocols.
  • Test the system and provide the homeowner with operational instructions.

As the day winds down, I reflect on the satisfaction of providing quality service to the San Luis Obispo County community, upholding Wighton’s reputation as a leader in the HVAC industry.