Your Ultimate DIY Tips for Maintaining Healthy Air Conditioning System

With the scorching summer sun blazing outside, you can’t underestimate the importance of a well-functioning air conditioning device. However, finding an efficient Air Conditioning Service and HVAC Repair in Buffalo Grove might require sharp wit and a pinch of patience. “Green Air Care” understands this, and thus, provide these handy DIY tips for maintaining your AC in tip-top condition.

Regular Inspection

It might seem superfluous, but inspecting your AC system regularly can prevent potential problems from ballooning into significant issues. Look out for inconsistencies like odd noise, a sudden increase in energy consumption, or inefficient cooling. These symptoms reflect possible issues with your system that require immediate attention.

Not confident about spotting irregularities? You can always trust your local professionals. For instance, Green Air Care in Buffalo Grove can do the job efficiently and effectively.

Changing Air Filter

One of the most cost-effective and straightforward preventive measures is changing your air filter. Clogged filters restrict airflow, imposing an undue load on the system. This not only deteriorates air quality but also skyrockets energy bills due to inefficiency.

Try to replace your filter every 60-90 days, depending upon your usage and environment. Additionally, purchase an air filter with a high MERV rating for effective filtration.

Clean Condenser Coils

Condenser coils situated in the outer unit collect dust and debris over time. This debris curtails the AC’s working capacity, causing it to work harder to hold the desired temperature.

Ensure that condenser coils are cleaned at least once a year. However, due to the complexity and risk associated with this task, it’s recommended to leave it up to HVAC repair professionals.

System Tuning

Over the years, your AC might fail to work with the same efficiency as it used to. This loss in efficiency can be sufficed with regular system tuning.

System tuning includes, filter replacement, cleaning blower components, checking system controls, adjusting thermostat settings and lubricating moving parts. A professional HVAC repair company like Green Air Care is well-equipped to execute this multifaceted task smoothly.

In conclusion, maintaining your air conditioning system requires diligence and a proactive approach. While DIY tips can help you ward off minor problems, an expert’s touch will ensure that your system attains the highest standard of efficiency and longevity.