About J. E. Shekell: Your Trusted Heating and Cooling Partner

With over 40 years of unyielding commitment to quality, J. E. Shekell is a premier Heating and Cooling HVAC specialist in the Midwest. Founded in 1978, our company has continuously delivered high-quality, reliable, and efficient HVAC services to homes and businesses in the region. Fusing integrity with expertise, we offer innovative solutions for a wide range of heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing needs. Recognizing the importance of convenience, we offer a free consultation for heating and air conditioning installation – a great opportunity to discuss your requirements with our certified professionals. We commit to helping our customers navigate the process with clarity and ease, ensuring that the chosen solution meets their unique needs perfectly. From HVAC installation and repair to maintaining peak performance, trust J. E. Shekell to provide services that are nothing short of exceptional. Choose us as your reliable partner in creating comfortable, energy-efficient environments!